Volunteers Needed for Our Native Plant Program!


SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Ok, probably not outside, but the propagation trays in the plant room in Trillium House are full of little green shoots that will turn into plants to enhance the environment here at Wintergreen. The Native Plant Program volunteers have been very busy and the results are growing already.

Because of the pandemic, we are working with a very small crew this winter, but we are looking forward to spring and getting into the gardens. Starting in March, we will begin to work outside in the gardens around Trillium House, at the Founder’s Overlook, and at the Lady Bird Johnson Garden by the golf club.

If you are interested in helping out or learning about native plants, we would love to have you join us. Don’t worry if you don’t know a Golden Ragwort from a Bowman’s Root, we will be happy to help you learn about these colorful flowers. We all continue to learn about the plants around us and what they need to grow well. We also work at the greenhouse on Beech Road behind Tectonics II and have plants there that need attention.

So whether you are on the mountain or at Stoney Creek, we have work to do and need willing hands. As the year progresses, we will need help in potting up the small plants that start in the plant room, moving them into larger pots for sale and gardening continues all summer as does seed collection.

Becoming a part of the Native Plant Program is a great way to get to know a diverse group of folk who live both on the mountain and at Stoney Creek. Because we work year-round, we also can use you if you are only here seasonally. If you are interested, please contact Abigail James at ajames@anj-online.com or at (540) 661-9580.