Welcome to the valley trails of Wintergreen

Managed by The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen volunteers and staff. Open to the public.

The trail system at Wintergreen is divided into three types of trails: access trails, perimeter trails, and valley trails.

Access trails are blazed in YELLOW, perimeter trails in RED, and valley trails in BLUE. Besides the map and tree blazes, there are signs at intersections with trail name, direction, and blaze color.

EASY: Generally level terrain, all abilities

MODERATE: Varied terrain, short steep sections.

DIFFICULT: Lengthy steep sections, experienced hikers only.

You hike at your own risk, so…

Be aware that the weather can be change rapidly and the weather is different on the mountain.

Do not hike alone.

Do not underestimate the terrain. 

Carry drinking water and a snack. 

Be aware of wildlife and respect its space. 

Wear proper attire, including footwear. 

Carry a hiking map at all times. 

Stay on marked trails. 

Be aware of your limitations.

A detailed map of all of the trails within Wintergreen maintained by the foundation is available at the front desk of Wintergreen Resort’s Mountain Inn and at Trillium House.