The How, Why, and Who of Native Plants

The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen’s Plant Propagation Program works to develop and share a broad knowledge of plant species native to this area. They also propagate plants from seeds, plant division, and cuttings. The Plant Propagation Team use only native plants from approved Wintergreen and neighboring sites as sources. The program promotes the use of native plants in landscaping within the Wintergreen community as well. The plants propagated by the Plant Propagation Team’s volunteers are sold in the spring, summer and fall. Click here for details on buying plants OR plants propagated by the Nature Foundation at Wintergreen.

Join Us

The Plant Propagation team meets Tuesday mornings at 9 am. They welcome all volunteers interested in learning more about the plants native to our landscape or in helping with plant propagation or maintaining any of the foundation’s flower beds. Use the form below or call The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen to learn more.

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