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The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen (TNFW) closed to the public to do its part to curb the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). During this time of closure and social distancing, TNFW will share some creative ideas to help you and your family curb the cabin fever. Check back each day for for something fun you can do with nature. As long as you’re able to do so in a way that meets the recommendations for social distancing, figure out how to get outside however you can. Nature related activity resources for adults and children click here.


Twenty Two Days to Earth Day

Activity #7- Make A Zen Garden


Twenty Two Days to Earth Day

Activity #6- Doug Coleman Opens the Door to Archaeology at Wintergreen


Twenty Two Days to Earth Day

Activity #5- How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer!


Twenty Two Days to Earth Day

Activity #4-Doug Coleman’s Description of Allen Creek Wetland Park

Hike in an area you have never gone before and learn about the ecosystem


Twenty Two Days to Earth Day

Activity #3- Build  A Birdhouse Bird House Instructions


Twenty Two Days to Earth Day

Activity #2-  Clean Up After Your Pet!


Twenty Two Days and Activities to Earth Day

Activity #1- How to Make a Wind Chime Out Of Silverware


A Brief Virtual Tour of Wintergreen’s Geology with Doug Coleman


How To Help A Turtle Cross The Road 

As the temperatures start to rise, so do our hibernating animal friends. Turtles are on the move, including on the roads. Many turtles are severely injured or killed on roads every year. Even if their shells are crushed, turtles can remain alive for days or even weeks in agonizing pain because they have such slow metabolisms. If you see a turtle on the road while you are out for a walk- take action! Be sure the road is clear and carefully move the turtle in the direction he is going BUT be careful if it is a snapping turtle. Snapping turtles can snap at fingers, arms, so take care or contact a local rehabilitator.


Staff Josh Palumbo feeds Maizie Our Program Snake and shares a few quick facts about snakes! Got questions? Leave your questions and comments and we will give you answers.


Director Doug Coleman Addresses TNFW New Direction During Covid-19 


How To Build A Fairy Garden


Go On A Backyard Scavenger Hunt  


Bug House Craft For Children of All Ages


Toad Visiting the Garden Toad Abode Video


Terra-cotta Toad Abode instructions


Feeding our program critters- Miss Toad Video


Feeding our program critters- Sal the Salamander


Check out this brief video about bird watching from Cornell Lab of Ornithology. https://youtu.be/RMXT9J5kvKk

You can easily watch the birds around and see how busy they are, how funny they can be. Go outside and see if you can determine the “pecking order” at a feeder. Leave a comment of your observations.