Meet the faces of The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen.

Nature Foundation Bookkeeper

Hi, I’m Sharon Bolmey.  I consider myself a southern girl, growing up in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama.  When I was 12 my family moved to Fairfax, VA where the school put me in speech therapy to eradicate my southern drawl.  We soon moved to California where I attended California State University Northridge, with an undergraduate degree in Psychology.  I wanted more scientific job skills and continued with a graduate program in Industrial Psychology.  I intended to become a researcher focusing on coal mining safety.  At that time, Kaiser Permanente Medical Care program was scooping up all the Industrial Psychology graduates, so I went along for the ride.  Initially I was doing staffing and methods studies in hospitals and clinics.  After a few years, I fell in love with, and married my boss (Armando).  Management promptly transferred me to the finance department where I was responsible for negotiating and reporting on hospital budgets.  Not where I planned to go but I liked it!  I became a stay at home mom for our two sons, Michael and Nicholas.

We moved to Ivy 19 years ago to escape the hectic pace and earthquakes of Southern California.  When our sons grew up to be amazing young men, I returned to work part time in office management and bookkeeping.  My most recent job was working as a finance associate for The Boys & Girls Club of Central VA.  I have more hobbies than I can tell you about and love to travel, especially on or near water.

Armando and I hope to travel The Great Loop when we retire, and are just beginning to look at boats and contemplate the vast amount of knowledge we will need to acquire.

I’m very excited to be working as a bookkeeper for The Nature Foundation!  Doug, Liz, Josh and Kathie are a talented team to be working with and I am so pleased to see the dedicated support of board members and so many wonderful volunteers.  I feel joyful each time I drive up the mountain, seeing the mountains, forest and clouds.  I have made friends with a chipmunk who lives in the front yard of Trillium house!  Please stop by and say hi, I am in the office Tuesdays and Wednesdays.