Meet the faces of The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen.

Jessica Heiser
Horticulture Intern

First, thank you to The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen and the Wintergreen community for welcoming me to the area this summer. It is an honor to be working with and learning from such amazing people this summer. Let me introduce myself.

I am from Virginia Beach originally, although I can’t say I grew up in any one place. Both my parents are military veterans, careers that lead to constant moving, close family bonds and experiences that normal children wouldn’t experience. That being said, I have spent most of my life somewhere in Virginia attributing to the love I harbor for the state. My family currently calls Courtland (a very small town in Southeastern Virginia) home but I can’t say that we’ll be there much longer.

In 2012, I began my college career at Sweet Briar College in Amherst. I am pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with minors in both Environmental Science and Studio Art. I plan on going into conservation biology after graduation. I have worked under Dr. Linda Fink and Mike Hayslett on a census of the Yellow Spotted Salamander population on Sweet Briar’s campus and plan on continuing research of the species in my time remaining at school. I also owe my connection to The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen to Dr. Janet Steven who was my advisor this past academic year.

In my two weeks working under Doug Coleman and others at The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen, I have gained so much valuable information regarding plant propagation of native species here in the area. The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen’s mission to educate the public about the rich history of the area and to respect nature is what drew me to the program. I look forward to soaking up all Wintergreen has to offer while working with The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen and everyone associated. Thank you once again to the community!