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Since 1976, through research, education, and conservation and wildlife management, The Nature Foundation has fostered understanding and respect for the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The legacy of Wintergreen belongs to those who dreamed it, those who sold the dream, and those who turned it into a reality. Its natural beauty existed long before its inception, setting the stage for the dream, and through the efforts of The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen is still largely intact today.

Doug Coleman

Executive Director

What We Do


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Conservation & Wildlife Mgt.

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  • Offer educational programs through guided hikes, scientific conferences, programs for local schools, and on-site youth and adult programs.
  • Maintain more than 30 miles of trails.
  • Conduct research in native plant germination, plant propagation, fern genetic marking, insect and plant interrelationships, the eastern spotted skunk, and orchids.
  • Participate in gypsy moth surveys, area wildlife population studies, and bear management.
  • Offer vegetation surveys of building sites.
  • Advises Wintergreen property owners.
  • Manage approximately 6,000 acres of wilderness areas within the Wintergreen community.
  • Monitor water quality of mountain streams.
  • Host researchers working on regional and national conservation efforts.


The latest Nature Foundation information on events, special sales, Covid-19, and more.

From the Director

After consultation with The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen (TNFW) Staff, and medical associates, TNFW has made the decision to not reopen the Trillium House facility the weekend of July 10th as originally planned. Our organization is carefully monitoring the current COVID-19 health crisis, and we will continue to review our abilities to protect our staff, our members, and guests. It is our opinion that to open the Trillium House to the public at this time would be premature.  

We have started our outdoor guided hikes and workshops, however we are limiting the number of participants to allow for social distancing. We are taking the appropriate precautions, including social distancing and face coverings, when required in all programs and activities. Hike participants are being asked to meet our hike leaders at the Trillium House parking lot and drive their own vehicles to the trailheads. We request the hike participants to bring masks with them. Our trail maps can be purchased at the Mountain Inn front desk and at the Blackrock gas station. The map is also available on our website.  

Staff will continue to monitor messages via telephone and email. Our native plant list can be found on our website and orders placed via email to director@twnf.org. Our greenhousecontinues to operate on Thursdays and Fridays for plant pick-up.

Also, please check out our website for “The Nine Minute Naturalist” and Peace Out(side) for virtual offerings. Our Facebook and Instagram pages are updated weekly with interesting information and activities.

Doug Coleman
Biologist/Executive Director
The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen

The 27th Annual Sara Ott Memorial Golf Classic

We are excited to share with you that the Sara Ott Memorial Golf Classic will take place on Friday, September 11, 2020 with a rain date of Friday, September 18th. The Golf Committee has been working closely with the resort staff to plan a safe and fun event. Learn more

Nature Foundation Events

Events scheduled for August and September are subject to change or cancellation due to COVID-19 related issues. Please check our emails, Event Registration page, or Facebook page for updates.

Native Plants

Native plants and shrubs are available for sale at the greenhouse on Thursdays & Fridays from 9:30am to 4:30pm. The Nature Foundation is accepting native plant orders via email to Doug Coleman (director@twnf.org). If you are looking for something specific it may be best to contact us before you come. See a list of available plants here. Customers will be given a date and time to pick up their plants at the greenhouse. All our plants are propagated and grown from local seeds and cuttings!

Peace Out(side)

The Nature Foundation’s Peace Out(side) shares nature-related ideas to keep the restless busy and give the anxious comfort. Visit our Facebook page or Instagram page for our latest activity, video, worksheet, or contest. In nature we can find solace, peace and happiness. Use #wintergreennature when you are out in nature at Wintergreen!