Education for a Sustainable Future

The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen encourages understanding, appreciation, and conservation of the natural and cultural resources of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  Through our youth programs, the organization staff and volunteers inspire the next generation of passionate environmental stewards. Youth group leaders and educators can email to schedule an event.

Wish List Program

Each year, thanks to generous support from the Nelson County Community Fund, the foundation donates thousands of dollars-worth of science-related classroom supplies to the Nelson County Public Schools.


Each year, we reach 500+ students across Nelson County and the surrounding counties through onsite and in-school environmental programs. From stream surveys to story-times, we are out there working hard to educate your local youth!

Youth Programs

We host 25+ programs per year specifically for youth.  In addition, our annual WILD Youth Summer Camp provides an immersive experience, encouraging lifelong environmental stewards.