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The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen invites you to the …

For Love of the Land Virtual Celebration

Friday, June 3rd at 6pm

New to this? We’ll explain how it works. Experienced? Maybe a few surprises!


How It Works

  • Purchase as many $100 tickets online or by mail as you wish for which you may take a charitable deduction. Discounts for multiple tickets: $100 for 1, $500 for 6, and $1,000 for 13 tickets.
  • Each ticket will go into a drawing on June 3 at 6 pm during a live online Zoom broadcast.
  • Person named on the first of the tickets drawn gets to choose the first prize. That means you need to be reachable at that moment by phone to make your choice. Person named on the second ticket drawn gets to make the second choice and so on.
  • If we cannot reach you by phone, after three quick calls, your name drops to the bottom of the total drawn. Should we reach you before the end of the program you will still have a choice from the remaining prizes. We will continue to draw until all prizes are awarded.
  • One prize per household – please – to share the bounty.

What’s New for 2022

  • More prizes – 15 total. Details to come.
  • New offerings as well as traditional experiences in locations closer to home and a few further afield.
  • Thank you gift for each participating household.
  • Recognition of “Celebration Squads.” No doubt you have a cadre of friends that you still see in person. Invite them to join you for the evening’s event. Even create your own signature “For Love of the Land” cocktail. Hopefully it will be good practice for when we can all gather together in the future.

What Your Participation Helps Accomplish

  • Raises $20,000 annually to support our mission of conservation through research and education.
  • Informs and inspires the next generation to be passionate environmental stewards.
  • Underwrites hands on programs that reach more than 6,500 children, youth and adults in the field and classroom annually.
  • Funds science education outreach in Nelson County Public Schools, where more than 40% of students get meal assistance.
  • Backs partnership with Nelson County Public Schools to offer in summer 2022 the first one-week STEM Camp for students in grades 2-5.
  • Lays the groundwork to ensure the legacy of Wintergreen’s nature for future generations.


Ticket Options

Single Ticket: $100.00

Six Ticket Bundle: $500.00

Thirteen Ticket Bundle: $1,000.00


More Info

For more information call Liz at 434-325-7451 or email


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