The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen invites you to the …

For Love of the Land Virtual Celebration

Friday, June 4th at 6pm

Proceeds benefit our environmental outreach education programs.


Join popular personality Steve Kohrherr and his Nature Foundation sidekick, Liz Fravel, in a live online Zoom broadcast as they entertain you with music and fun, and award 14 fabulous prizes while they’re at it.

You can purchase $100 tickets online for an opportunity to WIN one of 14 prizes ranging from …

  • Getaways in Montana, Colorado, Florida, Pinehurst, and Hilton Head.
  • A Staycation Golf Excursion, featuring Keswick and three other local courses.
  • An overnight package set in downtown Charlottesville.
  • A grandparents package full of fun things to do when the grandchildren visit.
  • A Mexican Fiesta delivered to your door.

Our prize packages accommodate people who would rather stay close to home as well as those ready to travel again. We have something for everyone.

Here’s how it works:

  • For every ticket you buy you have the opportunity to have your name drawn for a prize. You can buy as many tickets as you like, plus it is a donation so all is tax deductible. Because our overhead is low – no dinner, no drinks – nearly 95% of dollars raised will go directly to environmental education outreach. As an additional incentive, discounts apply to multiple ticket purchases: $100 per ticket, $500 for 6 tickets, $1,000 for 12 tickets.
  • The first of the 14 tickets drawn gets to choose the first prize. (That means you need to be reachable at that moment by phone to make the choice, so please provide a phone number you will answer if you do not plan to stream the event live.) The second ticket drawn gets to make the second choice and so on. One prize per household please as we want to spread the bounty around. Watch for future communications that itemize the prize choices.

This past year has highlighted our importance in the community. We see it in the increased traffic on our trails and in the ever-increasing popularity of our online/virtual programs. We hope to continue utilizing technology to educate more and more people — from the 10th grader 50 miles away struggling with natural sciences to the home-bound property owner.

Thank you for considering this alternative event as we appreciate that you have numerous worthy organizations and events that deserve your support.


The Prizes


Closer to Home


Ticket Options

Single Ticket: $100.00

Six Ticket Bundle: $500.00

Twelve Ticket Bundle: $1000.00


More Info

For more information call Liz at 434-325-7451 or email