The 2022 Winter Lecture series

The Nature Foundation’s Executive Director, Doug Coleman introduces the upcoming 2022 Winter Lecture series:
  • The Foundation’s collective ecological research at Wintergreen.
  • The collaborative efforts by TNFW, the Wintergreen Homeowner’s Association, and The Wintergreen Resort in the preservation and identity of the community.
  • What the future holds for it’s ecosystem and people.
(Update: Winter Lecture Series Session #1 will be virtual.)

The Tunnel

“Explore the creation and the re-creation of the Blue Ridge Railroad Tunnel in Virginia. Located at Rockfish Gap, 25 miles west of Charlottesville, the tunnel was designed by Claudius Crozet and built by Irish immigrants in the 1850s. When completed in 1858, at nearly a mile long, it was the longest railroad tunnel in America. It was reopened as a historic site in November of 2020.”

Learn about our vision for the future of The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen – Join Us

What's New at The Nature Foundation

A Message From TNFW Director, Doug Coleman: Winter Lecture Series session #1 will be virtual. As we carefully watch evolving health issues, we feel it safer to have the first session of our Winter Lecture Series in a virtual format. With the current realization that weather may also be a factor, that has also played into our decision. This also means you need not brave the cold temperatures or snow drifts. We suggest you attend in your best pair of bedroom slippers, pour a beverage and enjoy this event from the comfort of your home. We hope those who signed up will join us virtually to enjoy a very informative gathering of state and nationally known scientists and educators. Come to find out what goes on behind the scenes with the Foundations research partnerships. We may not be in person but the quality of the event will be the same. We look forward to having you.
January Astronomy Tidbits: What’s in the Night Skies? Steve Layman of the Charlottesville Astronomical Society shares upcoming celestial events with Kathie Driscoll of The Nature Foundation. Website references:,
Our winter activities. The January-March 2022 Calendar of Events events is now available online on The Nature Foundation website under “Events & Event Registration” in the top menu bar.
The Nine Minute Naturalist. As the husband of a music teacher and choir director, the Christmas season tends to start earlier than most for me and my household. My fight to contain the Christmas season to December is a lost cause both in my house and as I wander the woods at Wintergreen. As soon as the leaves drop from our deciduous canopy, the evergreen mistletoe plant is revealed and the reminders of the Christmas season are obvious for all to see despite it being only November. This edition of the Nine Minute Naturalist will detail the beloved, traditional mistletoe plant. Follow this link to read Merry Mistletoe.
Exciting news from the Endowment Campaign. With your support, The Nature Foundation’s Endowment 2025 Campaign achieved a significant milestone by raising half a million dollars before October 2021 to secure the generous Smyth Foundation’s Challenge Grant. We met our first milestone with a total of $1.5 million! Thank you for your wonderful contributions to TNFW Endowment 2025. Here is a short video to convey our gratitude.
Living with Nature at Wintergreen. Join a Foundation Naturalist on Saturday morning for a moderate to strenuous interpretive hike and explore Wintergreen’s natural environment! TNFW members hike free! Visit our Event Registration page to sign up.
Trail map. A detailed map of all of the trails within Wintergreen, maintained by TNFW, is available at Trillium House and the front desk of Wintergreen Resort’s Mountain Inn.

Our programs are open to anyone who wishes to take part and enjoy nature.

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