From the Director

In accordance with the governor’s mandate and to ensure the health of our members and guests in regard to the recent spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are continuing our closure to the public for the month of April. We will re-assess our public interactions weekly and watch for Virginia updates.

While there is no evidence of staff, our members, or to our current knowledge, the general public in our immediate area testing positive for COVID-19, we feel we may be putting our members, guests, and their families at risk in a public area that may become difficult to monitor and sterilize.

  • All staff continue to work remotely and our members can reach each of us by email.
  • We are also continuing our programs online. Take a virtual field trip, or find children activities with us by going to the Peace Out(side) tab on our main page or visit our Facebook and Instagram pages. Invite the kids to come along!
  • Trail maps can be purchased at the Front Desk of the Mountain Inn.
  • We will continue to temporarily make our trail map available for free online on our website.
  • Since our April 11 plant sale is held outside enabling us to maintain social distance, we plan to have that sale. Note that native plants (click here for list) can also be ordered  via email to Doug Coleman at or by calling 434-325-7452. We will set your plants aside for pick up after hours.
  • It’s a great time to be outdoors hiking on our 30 mile hiking trail system, but be prepared to step aside and maintain social distance when others are encountered.

Thank you for helping by being responsible.

Doug Coleman
Biologist/Executive Director
The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen



The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen is an independently managed and financed 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that cooperates with property owners, businesses, and the Wintergreen Resort. Our programs are open to anyone who wishes to take part and enjoy nature!

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Our trail system covers an assortment of terrain throughout its 35 miles. There are both rugged, steep slopes as well as beautiful, short strolls most anyone can enjoy.

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Preserving while enhancing the natural beauty of the land is a goal of those who garden using native plants. The Nature Foundation is a leader in making it easier and fun.

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The Nature Foundation Plant Sale Events

Enhance your property with adaptable, sustainable, and beautiful native plants, all propagated and grown from local seeds and cuttings.


Date Time Location
Saturday, April 11 9am to 1pm greenhouse
Saturday, April 25 9am to 1pm greenhouse
Saturday, May 16 9am to 2pm Trillium House
Saturday, May 30 9am to 1pm greenhouse


The greenhouse is located one half-mile west of The Ski Barn on Beech Grove Road (Route 664). For more information or to purchase plants at other times, call 434-325-8169.