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Upper Shamokin Falls


The outdoors at Wintergreen is an experience never to be forgotten. Perhaps most exciting is the knowledge that the span of man's life is but an instant compared to the accomplishments of nature. If the natural wonders we see here could speak, they would hold all mankind captive with their story.

TWNF Hiking Club Yahoo! Group E-mail List

We've created an email list for hikers at Wintegreen and the surrounding area. If you're looking for a hiking buddy, or want to ask a question about a trail, join this group to get on our email list. While the list is monitored by TWNF staff, the intent is for members to converse among themselves.

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Click to join twnf-hiking-club

You may be required to create a Yahoo! account to join. You can edit your membership to direct emails to your regular email account. If you have any questions, contact the list owners at twnf-hiking-club-owner@yahoogroups.com.

Winter Hiking at Wintergreen

The Wintergreen trail system covers an assortment of terrain throughout its 30 miles. Within this mileage, the trail system passes through rugged, steep slope. Be especially careful on the following trails due to steepness, an abundance of springs, ice and snow covered rocks, and/or freezing due to lack of sunlight:

  • Old Appalachian Trail from Cedar Drive to the first crossover Laurel Springs Drive.
  • Blackrock Trail
  • Brimstone Trail
  • Cedar Cliffs North Trail
  • Pedlars Edge and Access Trails
  • Pond Hollow Trail North of Laurel Ridge Loop
  • Upper Shamokin Gorge Trail

We do not recommend hiking these trails when winter weather makes them especially hazardous. While we no longer close these trails, you are assuming the risk of an unsafe hiking environment.

Loggers Alley is closed where it crosses the ski slopes through the end of ski season.

Laurel Springs Loop Reroute

Due to creek flooding and erosion, it has been necessary to reroute parts of the Laurel Springs Loop trail, east of Wintergreen Drive between the Mountain Inn and the fire station. New/updated signs and blazings have been added to guide you. The main change is at the former 4-way intersection with Fortune's Ridge Trail. The trail no longer goes up to Wintergreen Drive at this point. Instead, go about 100 yards north and you will see the new Laurel Springs Trail going up the hill. The trailhead at Wintergreen Drive is unchanged.

Wintergreen Trailsides - Pedlar’s Edge

“I have tried to prove that the never ending search for the essence of the wild was the underlying motive for all trips and expeditions” - Sigurd Olson

On the northeast face of Blackrock Mountain lays the serenely quiet wilderness side of Wintergreen. Roads, truck noise and homes are left far behind as the hiker travels among rock formations created millions of years ago known as the Pedlar formation. This is a rather rugged hike with lots of elevation change, yet always rewarding. To mitigate the degree of challenge, leave a vehicle on Grassy Ridge Drive below the ski lift at the Hemlock Springs trail head. Start the actual hike at the Pedlar’s Edge access trail on Black Rock Circle. Starting here, the trail drops steeply through an open area into a thick tunnel-like heath of mountain laurel until intersecting with the Black Rock trail on the right. The trail continues to lose altitude before swinging north over some rock faces. Bring the oil can for your knees! Once the leaves fall, the trail offers views of the Rockfish Valley, Lake Monacan, and far beyond. For a short time, the trail is an old logging road which reminds us of a time when American chestnut trees were harvested here. Be mindful of the blazes and watch for the arrow that directs the hiker off the road and back onto a regular trail.

The trail will pass under an enormous rock outcrop. In a short distance, you will pass another rock outcrop on your right that makes for a nice lunch spot. Gradually descending, you will pop out on the power line road. Bring your binoculars for some rewarding bird watching in this open area or enjoy the wild flowers that flourish here especially in the spring. The trail turns sharply northeast on the road for a short distance before heading back into the forest. For an added treat, stay on the road until it goes under the power line for a nice view of “Peggy’s Pinch” way down below and Crawford’s Knob directly across the gorge. Return to the Pedlar’s Edge trail junction and continue into some rugged, wet areas. You will pass the Hemlock Springs Loop on the left and continue on, crossing Hemlock Springs and joining the Hemlock Springs trail. Turn left on this trail and follow it 0.7 miles back to Grassy Ridge Road.

The hike is approximately 2.8 miles in length and rated moderate to difficult on the TWNF trail rating scale. Allow 2-3 hours as a lot of it is slow going. Hiking boots, water and trekking poles are recommended. The TWNF Hiking Guide map is a must as the numerous turns and trail intersections may cause some confusion or “hiker’s fog”. Pedlar’s Edge will transport you into memorable wilderness and reaffirm our greatest asset – the nature of Wintergreen.

Don't forget about our great Valley Trails

Paul's Creek is an all time great trail. The waterfalls are unique and there is even a deep pool to take a little dip in, if the weather permits.
Stoney Creek Park shows the effect of flooding on a small stream, with its eroded banks. Don't miss the magnificent American beech on this trail.
The Lower Shamokin Falls Trail ends at an amazing waterfall that truly rewards the time spent hiking (3.5 miles roundtrip).
Allen Creek Nature Preserve is at the corner of Stoney Creek East and Towhee Court. Explore this unique wetland which boasts plant species found nowhere else in Nelson County and is a wonderful place for birding this winter.

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