Meet the faces of The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen.

Victoria Mininger
Nature Foundation Bookkeeper

I think I've been writing stories my whole life.  As a kid I was busy riding bikes, climbing trees and playing in the dirt with my imagination full and overflowing.  There was always a plot, a story line, a villain and a hero.  Usually my brothers were the villains and I was the hero. As the only girl in the family could you really blame me?  

Then high school came along with an English teacher who encouraged me to dream of another profession, because writing wasn't going to be one of them.  I believed her for a long time until I had the fortune of drawing the toughest English professor in the world.  While her expectations ran high, it was because she saw our potential and she expected great things. Most of my peers hated it, I loved it.  I could feel the hero rising in me again, daring to believe that the power of words was again within my grasp.  

Then adult life set in. I got married and started a construction business with my husband. As a default he needed a bookkeeper and someone to care for the details.  I loved the challenge of learning a new skill and found that I enjoyed setting up systems, working with people, being a part of a team, training and managing a well run office.

My training came in the trenches of business. Through it all I have learned how to win and how to fail.  The failing as important as the winning.

After 19 years in administration and bookkeeping I was privileged to work as a staff writer for Liberty University for a season of time.  I learned a great deal in that season and I count it a privilege that I was able to carry out my first full fledged writing job at the University where 20 years prior, I re-discovered my passion for writing and creating.

Today I find myself once again a solo-entrepreneur, running a business hybrid that allows me to marry my love of writing and creating with my business skill in administration, bookkeeping and back office support.  To me, the best of both worlds. I've come full circle.