Managed by volunteers and staff of The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen

Open to the public

Our trail system covers an assortment of terrain throughout its 35 miles. There are both rugged, steep slopes as well as beautiful, short strolls almost anyone can enjoy.

Wintergreen lies in a section of the Blue Ridge Mountains called Old Appalachia where rock formations were formed approximately 1.1 billion years ago during a collision event called the Alleghanian orogeny. This was accomplished much like pushing the ends of a rug together, producing raised folds in the center. Plant and animal life followed and found their respective niches in this complex system of ridge lines, valleys and rock faces.

Wintergreen’s forest represents what biologists call an eastern hardwood forest bio-community. It represents a portion of the most unique and diverse plant communities on the planet.

The unique environment on both the valley trails and the mountain trails at Wintergreen offers hikers an unforgettable experience. The trail system maintained by The Wintergreen Nature Foundation is a portal into this natural community.

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Hike at Your Own Risk:

Be aware that the weather can be change rapidly and the weather is different on the mountain.

Do not hike alone.

Do not underestimate the terrain. 

Carry drinking water and a snack. 

Be aware of wildlife and respect its space. 

Wear proper attire, including proper footwear. 

Carry a hiking map at all times. 

Stay on marked trails. 

Be aware of your limitations.

Know the Trail Ratings:

The trail system at Wintergreen is divided into access trails, perimeter trails, and valley trails. Access trails are blazed in YELLOW, perimeter trails in RED, and valley trails in BLUE. Besides the tree blazes, there are signs at intersections with trail name, direction, and blaze color. Printed trail maps available at Trillium House or the front desk at the Mountain Inn are color-coded as well.

EASY: Generally level terrain, all abilities

MODERATE: Varied terrain, short steep sections.

DIFFICULT: Lengthy steep sections, experienced hikers only.


In the winter be especially careful on the following trails due to the steepness of the trails and the abundance of ice and snow covered rocks. Even though the trails are open, hiking these trails during the winter makes them especially hazardous: HIKE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Loggers Alley is closed where it crosses the ski slopes through the end of ski season.